Magico VIII

1997 Absolute Champion. 5x IALHA National Champion.STUD FEE: $1,950 ($950: Crosses)


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Magico is winner of 18 Movement Awards & Championships in Regional & National Shows. He is a 12 Time National Top Five stallion (Saddle and Halter). 95% of Magico offspring shown to date are Champions/Reserve Champions (Approx. 100 Regional plus 50+ National titles). Additionally, Magico has 12 first place wins in open dressage shows. He has been ranked the Number 4 stallion in the country for USEF points earned by progeny in 2010. Magico has sired over 100 live foals, including 11 National Champions, and his off-spring now hold nearly 200 major show titles. He is a proven producer of Bays, Blacks and Chestnuts, and he is well known for producing get who are brave and friendly.

Magico was approved by the Cria Caballar in 2000. He was born May, 1997. In spite of missing three years of competition due to a shoulder injury during breeding, Magico has amassed an impressive show record. His wins include National Champion Dressage Hack, National Champion Heritage Tack & Attire, Reserve National Champion Hunt Seat, P.R.E. Absolute Champion Stallion and Functionality Champion, Pura Raza Espanol National Junior Stallion, Champion Stallion of Show, Best Movement Horse of Show, Reserve Champion 2nd level USDF open show. A complete show record is available. He has been featured in numerous exhibitions, magazine, and newspaper articles and has even appeared on television.. His sire is Regidor RW and his dam is Encarada II, a "revised", imported mare. Magico's grandsire is Centella V, a bay National Champion of Spain and sire of ~100 champions.

Magico was featured in an exhibition at the 2010 IALHA National Show. Magico was ridden by Rowan and Iliane of the Horse Boy Foundation, founded by Rupert Isaacson and Kristen Neff. If you're not familiar with the Horse Boy Foundation, you should check them out. They're doing some amazing work!

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Magico is one of the most popular stallions in the breed. He has sired over 100 off-spring, and he continues to stand for both the Purebred mare owner and the mare owner producing a cross.


Why take our word for it? Listen to what others say of Magico."Best tempered stallion..."


“I have been standing stallions for 26 years and Magico is the best tempered stallion I have ever seen.” Breeding farm owner who trained Magico to collect

“The Magico foals are the best foals our mares have ever produced!” Owners of 2 Texas Mares

“I’ve been around horses all my life and that Magico colt is the smartest, most trainable, most intelligent horse I’ve ever seen.” Gulf Coast mare owner

“There aren’t enough adjectives to describe these 2 little girls. Beautiful, friendly, outgoing, intelligent, inquisitive, problem solving…To complete the overall package, their conformation and movement are outstanding.” Ohio owner of thoroughbred mare from the legendary Secretariat

“My mind did a stand still when I saw that knee action down one side of the lane and then beautiful extension down the other side…your jaw would have dropped. Who would have thought that our mare could produce such an astonishing mover. I expected nice, but not this.” Dressage videographer and breeder of multiple Spanish Normans

“Our little filly could not be sweeter or smarter little. Her confirmation is astounding; her movement is grace itself. Her whole attitude is one of doing anything to please us. She is WONDERFUL!” Tennessee owner of a purebred mares crossed to Magico in for multiple years

“The conformation and movement are great, but it’s that Magico temperament that I’m after.” Central Texas mare owner

“Anyone can ride this horse; he is 90% horse and 10% rider.” Reserve rider for the 2 Olympics after her first ride on Magico

“Wow, you guys are breeding some great horses. I just knew that they were related when I saw them individually in the earlier classes.” Judge, reviewing 3 P.R.E. full sisters in Produce of Dam and Get of Sire at regional show

“This is the bravest, friendliest foal in the whole barn.” Staff at Elgin Vet Clinic (one of the largest facilities in Texas). This foal was born while we were at the Pin Oak Charity show and did not receive our normal imprinting. It didn’t seem to matter.“These are the two nicest half Andalusians I have ever seen.” Regional / National show Judge placing 2 Magico daughters

“These are the two nicest half Andalusians I have ever seen.” Regional / National show Judge placing 2 Magico daughters

"This is the bravest, friendliest foal in the whole barn." Staff at Elgin Vet Clinic (one of the largest facilities in Texas). This foal was born while we were at the Pin Oak Charity show and did not receive our normal imprinting. It didn’t seem to matter.

“He is such a joy, such a gentleman and quick learner. He behaves better than most adult horses. My farrier loves to trim his feet while he complains about other young horses he works on.” Texas stallion owner

“I have handled a lot of Andalusians in Ca. I do have to say what impresses me the most about the horses out of your stud is the their minds. I am working with two right now and they both show a lot of sense. I get a lot of comments on both horses.” Trainer with experience on both East Coast and West Coast

"I participated in a Juan Manual Munoz Dias clinic over the weekend (along with my daughter). He wanted to ride Paloma on the 3rd day. I have been on a cloud since!” From owner in NY (the Horse Whisperer was filmed partially at their ranch. Rex Peterson was there for a month.

PRE & S/P Offspring

Magico foals are ChampionsLook At Them Move!


The Andalusians produced by Magico exhibit not only tremendous movement...but also outstanding confirmation and unmatched temperaments.


1/2 Andalusian Offspring

Crosses to AQHAs, Arabs, Thoroughbreds, and Haflingers Great horses all!


Magico produces great 1/2 Andalusians. Independent of a Magico-foal's other half, these horses consistantly display award winning movement, strong confirmations, and great personalities with some of the best temperaments out there.

When the Andalusian is crossed to the American Quarter Horse, the product is not only a 1/2 Andalusian but also an Azteca, the national horse of Mexico.