Saltador ORO

2001 Absolute Champion AndalusianSTUD FEE: $2,500 ($1,250: Crosses)


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Saltador is a son of Indiano XVIII, the Lion of Spain. Grandson of Centella V, National Champion of Spain and sire of ~100 champions.

Saltador has amassed an amazing 170+ Championship, Reserve Championship, High Point & Movement Awards from 2004 – 2016. He is 13 times National Champion in 4 Divisions, and he has been awarded Best Movement of Show 20 times. Additionally, Saltador has over 2 dozen first place wins in open dressage shows and multiple USDF Sport Horse Grand Championships and USDF All Breeds Awards.

Saltador is enjoying an amazing show career. Here are some highlights:

  • IALHA Purebred Horse of the Year, 2011
  • IALHA Lifetime Achievement Award, 2011. "El Premio de Oro." This award hasn't been given since 2004
  • Champion Stallion, Functionality Champion, Best Movement Horse Under A Dozen International / ANCCE Judges
  • High Point Purebred Versatility Horse of IALHA Nat’l Show, 2010, 2011, & 2014
  • 6 times USDF Grand Champion Sport Horse Stallion Breeders Division, 2 TIME USDF Grand Champion Mature Sport Horse, Region 9 Grand Champion Sport Horse Stallion, 2012
  • Best Movement of Show 20 Times, National Champion Best Movement, IALHA, 2010 (14 in class)
  • 22 Gold Medal Movements Awards
  • 13 times IALHA National Champion in 4 Divisions
  • 170+ Championships, Reserve Championships, Gold Medal & Best Movement Awards, 2004 – 2014 YTD
  • 25+ 1st Place Mounted Dressage Wins under USDF Judges and multiple championships at 2nd level
  • 59 Championships at Regional Shows
  • Sire of 9 Purebred and Partbred IALHA National Champions. Offspring have approximately 136 regional and national show titles!


Who could ask for better feedback on their horse?"A Fine Horse..."


"The working, collected and free walks of this horse are spectacular"...USDF judge at Sport Horse competition

"When I saw your horse move, I thought, everyone else may as well just leave the arena"... warmblood owner of Regional Champion Sport Horse Mare

"This is the best horse at the National Show" ... judge from Spain after his first National show

"This is the best Indiano 18 offspring I've ever seen" ... well known breeder

"You are to be congratulated on exhibiting such a fine horse" ... one of the largest breeders in Mexico

"Even though I gave you 2nd place because of one mistake, there's not a horse in the country that can touch this one in dressage" ... regional show judge

"I have never seen a horse move like that"...competitor on our riders right..."Ditto to that!"...competitor on our riders left.

"Saltador is the best stallion at the National Show this year"... prominent dressage trainer and halter exhibitor

"Now there's a Spanish horse!"...Cria Caballar colonel on seeing Saltador from 500 yards away

"Saltador ORO" - a poem by Abby Godfrey

  • The mountains that hide the world’s greatest pride,
  • The pure bred horses on the ocean side,
  • The black, the bay and the gold the legends foretold,
  • But the white is the boldest of bold,
  • That only the mountains could have foretold.

PRE & S/P Offspring

Saltador foals are ChampionsLook At Them Move!


1/2 Andalusian Offspring

Crosses to the American Quarter Horse.Great horses all!


When the Andalusian is crossed to the American Quarter Horse, the product is not only a 1/2 Andalusian but also an Azteca, the national horse of Mexico.