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Michael Vermass: 2014 IALHA TRAINER OF THE YEAR

Ruperto Vasquez: 2018 IALHA TRAINER OF THE YEAR

We offer the best of traditional European and Peruvian methods of gentle but firm training, combined with the latest groundwork techniques based on John Lyons, Pat Parelli, and Clinton Anderson. We have a limited number of openings for outside clients at $300/mo. (board at additional cost, depending of level of care provided). We also private lessons at $50 to $75/hour, as well as small group clinics on a wide range of topics (see our clinic page). Rancho Del Lago is pleased to announce the addition of two excellent trainers to our program.

Peruvian Chalan, Sr. Ruperto Vasquez Salinas, hails from an entire family of professional horse trainers on three continents. His credentials include letters of reference from National show judges in both North and So. America and several of the most prominent breeders in Peru and the United States. He has trained championship horses in both Peru and the U.S. and has achieved approximately 300 championships, including dozens of national titles, reserve championships and movement awards since 2005, including two dozen National titles in 3 different breeds training 8 different horses.

Michael Vermaas is a classically trained instructor who hails from Holland but moved to Portugal during his formative years. He has had the benefit of schooling under some of the finest classical riders in the world. Among these are Lord Henry Loch; Luis Valenca (Portuguese School of Equestrian Arts); Don Jose Athayde (Head of Alter Stud); Fernando Oliveira (Nuno Oliveira's assistant); Marcel Bonaerens (Ludo Phillipaerts' coach). Michael is credentialed with both the British Horse Society and the Portuguese Equestrian Federation.

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The bloodlines represented at Rancho del Lago lend themselves towards producing big-hearted, brave, intelligent, and inquisitive horses. As a result, we've discovered all sorts of new ways to have fun with our horses. Over the years, others have taken note of this fun. Rancho del Lago horses have been featured at/in:

  • John Lyons Equus America
  • The Equine Expo of Texas
  • The Houston Polo Club
  • The Discovery Channel
  • Exhibitions at Andalusian and Peruvian Paso Horse Shows
  • Varying New Broadcasts
  • Dozens of Newspaper and Magazine Articles

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